Lawn Care

Feeding Your Lawn
Proper fertilization is the foundation for providing your lawn with the nutrients needed to speed up the development of a full and healthy lawn. A well-timed application of fertilizer in the spring will bring a summer to remember with a beautiful green lawn.

Lawn Security
Being able to control the weeds that inhabit your lawn will benefit the appearance and well-being of your lawn. Depending on the type of grass you have, regular mowing can prevent weeds from sprouting up for several days.

Cutting the Grass
Mowing the lawn properly is very important in maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn. Smith Brothers Lawn Maintenance, Inc. is fully equipped and experienced to keep your lawn cut to the right length and looking beautiful.

Quenching the Thirst
There are different ways to keep your lawn watered sufficiently and safe from falling victim to the summer heat. You can water your lawn by hand, but this can take quite some time, if your lawn is large. You can also use an underground sprinkler system that can be timed to come on at times of day when it is more efficient in preventing evaporation.